Where saving is simple and borrowing is safe.

Welcome to West Norwich Credit Union – providing financial services to empower and support members through life’s ups and downs.We are a rapidly growing Credit Union, increasingly recognised as a valuable financial resource for people from all walks of life.
Credit Unions are Financial Co-operatives, owned and run by their members with a
self-help ethos that enables members to save and borrow money to suit their own personal budget and circumstances
We offer straightforward savings accounts and affordable loans to our members. Membership costs just £2, and includes life insurance and loan protection.

Good reasons to join West Norwich Credit Union


West Norwich Credit Union will consider loan applications for prudent or provident purposes. Each application is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be considered on its merits.



Savings with shares with West Norwich Credit Union are a better way to save. You are not just another customer but a member with a say in the operation of the Credit Union.



Free Loan Protection Insurance and Free Life Savings Protection are provided by West Norwich Credit Union at no direct cost to our members.



Free £25 To New Members


We have teamed up with The England Illegal Money Lending Team to promote saving and make residents aware of the safer ways for borrowing money.


A joint initiative will see the team use proceeds of crime money, confiscated from convicted loan sharks, to sponsor new credit union accounts.


The first 50 people to join and save a minimum of £10 per month for the first three months, will be awarded with a £25 savings boost directly into their credit union account.


Ian Leather, President of West Norwich Credit Union said “We are a much safer alternative to using a loan shark”.

“We urge residents to take up this opportunity to sign up and start saving. Even if you don’t want to borrow, it’s a great way to build up funds for when you need them in the future.”


Contact us for more information http://www.wncu.net/contact


The offer is available for members who join between now and the end of January 2018.


To report a loan shark call the 24/7 confidential hotline 0300 555 2222. www.stoploansharks.co.uk

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New deposit limit

New £85,000 deposit limit from 30th January 2017

People now have more financial protection for their deposits from 30th January 2017. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) limit is now £85,000. It’s up £10,000 after an increase by the regulator earlier this year. And the limit for joint accounts moves to £170,000.

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