Quick Answer: How To Pay Virgin Credit Card?

How do I pay my Virgin credit card bill?

If you want to make a one-off card payment you can sign in to My Virgin Media and follow the simple steps below:

  1. Register or sign in to My Virgin Media.
  2. Under the My Latest Bill section click Go to My Bills.
  3. Click the drop down on the Total payments since latest bill tab.
  4. Click Let’s make a payment.

Can I pay my Virgin credit card over the phone?

If you would prefer to make a payment by debit card over the phone, contact us to use our automated phone service.

How do I pay my credit card from another bank?

To make this work, you would have to use your card to withdraw the cash needed, deposit it into your bank account, and then make the transfer from your bank account to the credit card that’s due to be paid.

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What is Virgin Money BSB?

For anyone transferring funds into your Virgin Money Go Account, Boost Saver or Grow Saver accounts you’ll need to provide our Virgin Money BSB 122-778 and Account number.

What happens if I can’t pay my virgin bill?

If we’ve been unable to take a recent payment, if you’ve missed a payment, or if you’ve gone over your account credit limit, we may restrict your services until you’ve paid your bill. All you need to do is make a payment to clear the outstanding amount. Just register or sign in to My Virgin Media and head to My Bills.

What bank is Virgin credit card?

The Virgin Money Credit Card is issued by Clydesdale Bank PLC (trading as Virgin Money).

Do Virgin points expire?

However, unlike Flying Club Miles, Virgin Points will never expire. Members will continue to collect tier points and earn and spend miles as usual – re-branded as Virgin Points on 24 September – across Virgin Atlantic, Delta and other partners.

Are all Virgin Money cards contactless?

Contactless payments All debit and credit cards issued by Virgin Money let you pay for items of £45 or less without having to key in your PIN. It’s all about making purchases as hassle-free as possible. So when you’re buying everyday things like coffee or lunch, you don’t have to search around for cash.

How do I pay money into my Virgin Money account?

You can pay cash into your current account at most Virgin Money Stores and Post Office branches using your debit card. You can also pay cheques in at any of our Stores or post them to us.

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Can I pay my credit card at an ATM?

To pay at an ATM using checks or cash, insert your credit card into the ATM, then select Make a Payment and follow the instructions (please note that payments to business credit cards are not supported at ATMs at this time).

Can I pay cash into my credit card?

So, can you pay a credit card with cash? Yes, if it’s in your issuer’s policy, you don’t want to set up a direct debit and you don’t have a chequebook. If you do plan on using cash to make credit card payments, always allow at least 2-3 days for the payment to clear.

How can I pay my credit card automatically?

1) Through Your Credit Card Issuer: You can set up an auto-debit facility through your credit card issuer. To enable the auto-debit facility, you would need to download the NACH (National Automated Clearing House) form, fill in all the details and submit the same to your card issuer along with a cancelled cheque leaf.

Is Virgin Money still operating?

You can read the full terms and conditions here. Important information: Although Velocity is owned by the Virgin Australia Group, it is a separate company and it is not in administration. Velocity is still operating and you’re still able to earn Velocity Points. Find out more.

Is Virgin Money a proper bank?

Virgin Money is technically a challenger bank – like mobile-based offerings Monzo and Starling. It’s also, since it was acquired by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank last year, part of the sixth-biggest banking group in the UK, and balances of up to £85,000 are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Is Virgin Money an ADI?

Virgin Money Australia is a division of Bank of Queensland Limited, and as such, qualifying deposits placed with Virgin Money Australia are covered under the government guarantee provided to Bank of Queensland Limited (the ADI).

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